What is Year Round Education?

Schools with Year Round Education seek to balance learning time throughout the school year.  Year Round Schools have  shorter summer breaks with a number of shorter scheduled holidays throughout the year.  For more information on Year Round Education, please check out the
National Association for Year Round Education website.

What are the Benefits of Year Round Education?

  • Year Round Education offers a choice for families whose work schedules and lifestyles  do not suit the traditional ten-month school year. 
  • In Year Round Schools, less time is spent on review and more class time is spent on learning new material.
  • Year Round Education provides a continuous mode of learning.
  • Students and staff report increased morale, better attitudes and improved attendance as compared to a traditional ten-month school.

Year Round Education at C.B. McMurdo School

In the 1999-2000 school year, C.B. McMurdo became a Year Round School, providing families with an alternative school year calendar.  Classes for each new school year begin the week after the August long weekend.  Staff and students enjoy a two week break in October, a week long break in February, and an extra week during the Easter holidays. 

For detailed calendar information check here: CB McMurdo Year-Round Calendar 2010/2011